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S@T Manager

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  1. What methods of payment will you accept?
  2. What types of cards ship with the Smart Toolz® Application Development Kit?
  3. What are the kit cards made of and what is printed on them?
  4. If I need more cards can I purchase them in small quantities? What about production?
  5. Does Smart Toolz® support my ID/Badging Application?
  6. I have an idea that will require resources beyond my own staff. Can you help me with the project?
  7. I have an application for issuing cards with individual credit card numbers placed into the chip. Can you help me with the project?
  8. Can I develop a multi-application system using Smart Toolz?
  9. My application will require many different reader types. Will Smart Toolz and M.O.S.T. Toolz™ support this type of development project?
  10. What types of development environments are supported by Smart Toolz and M.O.S.T. Toolz?
  11. What about support for Java and Linux?
  12. Can the kit software components be purchased separately?
  13. Can I incorporate the Winplex® DLL into my application? What does it cost?
  14. Is site licensing available for the software?
  15. Which databases does CardLogix support? Does the CardLogix solution have a built-in database, or a built-in Relational Database Management System using ODBC API's? If so, what database solutions are supported, for example, Oracle, Sybase, etc.?
  16. What kind of warranty comes with the Smart Toolz and M.O.S.T. Toolz Development Kits?
  17. How will updates be sent to me?
  18. What is an API?