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Geode SIM card software application

The Geode™ Development Tool has been designed for pain-free applet development for the Delos™ family of SIM cards.

Geode has an efficient user-friendly interface, which enables developers to seamlessly design and write their applets without having to learn a programming language. Equally important, the user does not have to accept uncontrolled memory size issues while using a graphical tool. The Geode development kit has been designed in such a way that the end applet offers the highest level of optimization possible.

Geode™ is ideally conceived to allow applet developers to quickly add value to all our Delos phase 2+ range of products. Accelerated time to market with profitable SIMs is our focus. Get a head start by contacting your sales representative today.

Please contact CardLogix for more information.Bantry SIM card Software