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The CardLogix Winplex® API is a powerful 32-bit middleware library for smart card system development. Designed by professional programmers for professional programmers, Winplex gives you the design power to link smart cards into larger distributed management systems (e.g. intranets or retail accounting systems) without having to do low-level programming.

Winplex® was created by CardLogix and is the only smart card middleware that enables system design with support for multiple card types (both memory and microprocessor). Multiple reader types (i.e. USB, serial, kiosk, PCMCIA, keyboard wedge, and magstripe) are all supported, as well as multiple readers on the same PC. This is all accomplished with the one command set. The API supports AES, DES, and Triple DES encryption and the SHA-1 and SHA-256 authentication algorithms.

As a developer, your opportunities to participate in smart card programs are growing at a fast pace. Why not be a part of one of the fastest growing segments of electronics today? Order the Winplex API now!

NOTE: Winplex can also be ordered as part of the versatile and user-friendly Smart Toolz®, M.O.S.T. Toolz™ and Embedded Toolz development environments.

Winplex® API Command Summary


  • Hook to your database design using simple read and write calls
  • Works with all PC/SC certified readers
  • Incorporates all major PC/SC functionality
  • Supports advanced Authentication and Encryption functions
  • Build password/PIN structured security systems for both card and host databases
  • Helps configure and manage your devices
  • Manages all reader functions including specialty functions i.e. magnetic stripe and biometric functions
  • Checks for Card Insertion and reader status
  • Allows for cards of various protocols to be designed into one system i.e. I²C and T=0
  • Wide range of reader choices, pre and post-design
Winplex® Software Screen Shoots
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